The Venturi RDA Review

The Venturi RDA and matching top caps were designed by one of founding members of NeoVaperTek, Jack Dallas. Jack has crafted a true flavor enhancing RDA you just have to try. If you’re a flavor hound this is the RDA for you, period.

The Venturi RDA has a unique airflow design that actually starts at the top of the outer cap near the drip tip. The intake air then swirls around the flue and enters the lower chamber of the hourglass shaped chimney. There a small coil chamber keeps the air compressed at the coils and then funnels the airflow up into the top chamber, just beneath the drip tip.

This airflow produces a warm concentrated flavor vape. This allows users to taste subtle flavor notes from complex liquids seldom noticed and even experience different start and finish tastes with many single falvor liquids.

Jack’s design and quality control greatly reduces leaking problems that plague most RDA’s. So, drip up to 1ml into the deep reservoir with little fear of leaks.

The airflow is easy to adjust. Just crack the cap a half-turn open, adjust the flow by turning the drip tip for a hard draw hit, a smooth flow lung hit, or anywhere between, then a half turn back to lock. The adjustable airflow also means that it’s possibly the best rda for clouds on the market at the moment.

The Venturi is a very clean design with no logos or branding on visible surfaces (except for short Type-C custom caps). The minimalist branding allows great matching with most box mods out there. If you are unsure of which brands make the best box mods, then we suggest looking at kangertech or Smok.

The entire design is easy to clean and build on. All of the parts except the built-in, milled negative posts are replaceable. This RDA is built to last and easy to upgrade.

To complement this beautifully designed RDA, NeoVaperTek currently offer optional top caps in various metals including, electro-plated black chrome, 101 copper and 464 naval brass. Additional custom options are coming soon!

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