Are E-Pipes the Next Big Thing?

For many years we have focused on providing our customers with the highest quality tobacco pipes and briars on the market. Over that time our company has built a reputation for excellence and we have become known as a reputable seller in the industry. As our company has grown, so too has the market. When we first start selling pipes we never would have thought that pipes would begin to become mainstream and had firmly believed that the popular days of tobacco pipes were behind us. However, as the vaping industry has slowly progressed over time, more and more interesting designs have begun appearing on the market. Initially vaping devices were considered dangerous and only for hobbyists, now vaping devices have become so safe that the mainstream have begin using them. As this market grows we are seeing more and more companies trying to find their piece of this billion dollar market and thus we have seen the rise of the epipe.

An epipe looks similar to a standard tobacco pipe but where you would normally place the tobacco now contains a battery. Above that you have a small tank that contains a nicotine flavored substance that is known as ejuice or eliquid. Above the tank you have a long stem just like you would see on a regular pipe. I have personally tried one of these devices and I have to say, I’m quite impressed. According to the UK government, vaping (smoking with eliquid) is 95% safer than smoking traditional tobacco. This means that I can still get the nice tobacco taste that I’m used to while still focusing on the craftsman ship of the pipes.

As some of you can see, we recently employed an intern to help us with our online marketing efforts and we have created a new, more modern website. As we learn more about the industry we are going to post about it here on our blog. It is our aim to educate our customers on this growing trend so that we can adapt with the industry instead of trying to resist it. As Bob Dylan once said “The times they are a changin'”!

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