A New Beginning…

Hello Everyone, it is my intention to document my experiences as a newbie and my journey along the way from smoking to vaping. I have been helped so much by so many great people I want to try and give something back. I hope my blogging helps other New Vapers and people wanting to know about what vaping really is. Of course it is all from my personal prospective and my experiences. I think with each person it is different and each one has different experiences and taste with all the different items available to us.

I got interested in the community after seeing discussing the numerous epipes on the market with a customer. I was telling her how I had just recently been discharched from the hospital for a COPD exacerbation (Exacerbation means worsening or a “flare up” of COPD). I didnt even know I had COPD. She told me about vaping and the health benefits of it compared to the analogs (Tobacco) I had been smoking for 33 years.

After a lot of talks with my doctor she told me I needed to stop smoking. My COPD would never get better but if I dont stop smoking it will only get worse. After 33 years, which is three quarters or more of my life, I was scared and worried how I was going to achieve this almost impossible task. My doctor prescribed me a pill, which was to expensive to even afford. I bought patches, which layed on the shelf unopened and unused to this day. I knew deep down I could never really see myself not smoking.

One day I was talking with my brother, he said that when he had bought some tobacco products (He rolls his own cigarettes) and that it came with an ecig/vapor for free and that I really needed to get one and try it. He uses it at work where he couldn’t smoke and it really works for him! I thought, if  it work for him it may really work for me as well. I began looking online, I didn’t even know that there are Vapor shops all around me and I found what is called a starter kit.

This is the beginning of my journey to vaping and a bit of background as to why I began this journey. There will be a lot more to come for all of you as I really dont want to type a book in my first blog post. I do however want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has helped me and given to me the tools and answers I needed to make it where I am, smoke free and vape happy!

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