The Lemo 2 by Eleaf

I’m a Kayfun guy.  For my buck, it’s the best performing tank out there.  One you learn how to wick it, it just works.  Consistently and reliably.  It is, however, not without its flaws.  And I’m always on the look out of something that will perform as well, but address some of the issues the Kayfun system has.  So when I saw the specs on the Lemo 2 by Eleaf, my first thought was: This is what Kayfun V3 should have been!  On paper it flawlessly address 3 of the 4 major issues that I and most people had with the Kayfuns.  Those being:

1.  Screw to fill.
2.  Screw(s) to adjust airflow
3.  insufficient airflow for lung-hitters

The AFC ring on the Lemo 2 is where one would expect AFC rings to be:  on the bottom of the tank and easily adjustable.  As an aside, I can’t belive the Kayfun V4 still features a screw on the bottom to do this.  Anyway, back to the Lemo 2.  The fill-port is on the side at the very top, and if one actually follows instructions and fills it while keeping the tank horizontal, the process is clean, simple and leak-free.  And the 7mm chimney with dual 1cm openings provide more than enough air-flow to lung hit it.  The only ‘issue’ that remains is is that it still needs to be drained to get to the coil.  Draining it, however, is also a breeze.  Simply reverse the filling instructions:  Open the air-flow, open the fill-port and tilt.  Voila!

Lemo 2 is advertised as a sub-ohm RTA – like everything else these days – and having played with it in that configuration it definitely delivers.   It’s got more than sufficient airflow for a single coil tank; large, easy to work with build deck; and massive peek insulators to handle the heat.  Out of the gate I loaded it up with some Dis Funk-tional family e-liquid (70%VG) from Create A Cig and hit it at about 35 Watts. For those of you who are wondering, I used a kanger subox for this test, but the lemo 2 can be paired with all good box mods. 35 Watts was bit too much, as it turned out.  However, It worked flawlessly at about 30 and my sweet-spot was 25.  Remember, folks, it’s a single coil.   It put out good amount of vapor and had very good flavor.

But I got this tank for different purposes.  I wanted to see if it can replace my trusty Kayfun 3.1s.  I put a 1.2 ohm, 26ga 2.4mm coil on it, wicked it, filled it and closed off the airflow to about 90% of the way – I’m a mouth-to-lunger so I like a reasonably tight draw.   Apply 16 Watts of power and…. not bad!  Despite the large chamber and wide chimney, I can not notice any significant flavor degradation when comparing it to Kayfun V3 and V4.  I did end up replacing the 12mm drip-tip with something far more reasonable.  I’ll gladly fellate my Dark Horse RDA all day long, but I like a much more reasonable mouth piece on my tanks.

This tank is not without its flaws, however.   The airflow is not all that gradual.  I see no difference between 30% open and 100% open.  If you’re trying to set up a good mouth-to-lung hit, we’re talking about making minute adjustments – too minute. The o-rings from the top and bottom of the glass do not stay in place when the tank is disassembled.  They are whitish/clearish and very easy to lose, so be careful when working with it.  Also, if you’re not careful when assembling the tank, the bottom o-ring likes to raise up and block the juice channels.  It’s very easy to avoid, but something one must pay attention to.  Finally, I would like to be able to disassemble the top-cap for cleaning.

Over all it’s a great and versatile tank.  Between good performance, convenience of operation, the glass tube and very wide range of supported builds it’s very hard not to like it.  And if you’re one of those who loves the Kayfun accept for the airflow, give this tank a go.  I think you’ll like it.

The Venturi RDA Review

The Venturi RDA and matching top caps were designed by one of founding members of NeoVaperTek, Jack Dallas. Jack has crafted a true flavor enhancing RDA you just have to try. If you’re a flavor hound this is the RDA for you, period.

The Venturi RDA has a unique airflow design that actually starts at the top of the outer cap near the drip tip. The intake air then swirls around the flue and enters the lower chamber of the hourglass shaped chimney. There a small coil chamber keeps the air compressed at the coils and then funnels the airflow up into the top chamber, just beneath the drip tip.

This airflow produces a warm concentrated flavor vape. This allows users to taste subtle flavor notes from complex liquids seldom noticed and even experience different start and finish tastes with many single falvor liquids.

Jack’s design and quality control greatly reduces leaking problems that plague most RDA’s. So, drip up to 1ml into the deep reservoir with little fear of leaks.

The airflow is easy to adjust. Just crack the cap a half-turn open, adjust the flow by turning the drip tip for a hard draw hit, a smooth flow lung hit, or anywhere between, then a half turn back to lock. The adjustable airflow also means that it’s possibly the best rda for clouds on the market at the moment.

The Venturi is a very clean design with no logos or branding on visible surfaces (except for short Type-C custom caps). The minimalist branding allows great matching with most box mods out there. If you are unsure of which brands make the best box mods, then we suggest looking at kangertech or Smok.

The entire design is easy to clean and build on. All of the parts except the built-in, milled negative posts are replaceable. This RDA is built to last and easy to upgrade.

To complement this beautifully designed RDA, NeoVaperTek currently offer optional top caps in various metals including, electro-plated black chrome, 101 copper and 464 naval brass. Additional custom options are coming soon!

A New Beginning…

Hello Everyone, it is my intention to document my experiences as a newbie and my journey along the way from smoking to vaping. I have been helped so much by so many great people I want to try and give something back. I hope my blogging helps other New Vapers and people wanting to know about what vaping really is. Of course it is all from my personal prospective and my experiences. I think with each person it is different and each one has different experiences and taste with all the different items available to us.

I got interested in the community after seeing discussing the numerous epipes on the market with a customer. I was telling her how I had just recently been discharched from the hospital for a COPD exacerbation (Exacerbation means worsening or a “flare up” of COPD). I didnt even know I had COPD. She told me about vaping and the health benefits of it compared to the analogs (Tobacco) I had been smoking for 33 years.

After a lot of talks with my doctor she told me I needed to stop smoking. My COPD would never get better but if I dont stop smoking it will only get worse. After 33 years, which is three quarters or more of my life, I was scared and worried how I was going to achieve this almost impossible task. My doctor prescribed me a pill, which was to expensive to even afford. I bought patches, which layed on the shelf unopened and unused to this day. I knew deep down I could never really see myself not smoking.

One day I was talking with my brother, he said that when he had bought some tobacco products (He rolls his own cigarettes) and that it came with an ecig/vapor for free and that I really needed to get one and try it. He uses it at work where he couldn’t smoke and it really works for him! I thought, if  it work for him it may really work for me as well. I began looking online, I didn’t even know that there are Vapor shops all around me and I found what is called a starter kit.

This is the beginning of my journey to vaping and a bit of background as to why I began this journey. There will be a lot more to come for all of you as I really dont want to type a book in my first blog post. I do however want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has helped me and given to me the tools and answers I needed to make it where I am, smoke free and vape happy!

Are E-Pipes the Next Big Thing?

For many years we have focused on providing our customers with the highest quality tobacco pipes and briars on the market. Over that time our company has built a reputation for excellence and we have become known as a reputable seller in the industry. As our company has grown, so too has the market. When we first start selling pipes we never would have thought that pipes would begin to become mainstream and had firmly believed that the popular days of tobacco pipes were behind us. However, as the vaping industry has slowly progressed over time, more and more interesting designs have begun appearing on the market. Initially vaping devices were considered dangerous and only for hobbyists, now vaping devices have become so safe that the mainstream have begin using them. As this market grows we are seeing more and more companies trying to find their piece of this billion dollar market and thus we have seen the rise of the epipe.

An epipe looks similar to a standard tobacco pipe but where you would normally place the tobacco now contains a battery. Above that you have a small tank that contains a nicotine flavored substance that is known as ejuice or eliquid. Above the tank you have a long stem just like you would see on a regular pipe. I have personally tried one of these devices and I have to say, I’m quite impressed. According to the UK government, vaping (smoking with eliquid) is 95% safer than smoking traditional tobacco. This means that I can still get the nice tobacco taste that I’m used to while still focusing on the craftsman ship of the pipes.

As some of you can see, we recently employed an intern to help us with our online marketing efforts and we have created a new, more modern website. As we learn more about the industry we are going to post about it here on our blog. It is our aim to educate our customers on this growing trend so that we can adapt with the industry instead of trying to resist it. As Bob Dylan once said “The times they are a changin'”!